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Property Shopper 

Moving to Spain for leisure or work? You will need a place to live and call home. Or, are you maybe looking for a secondary residence or high return on investment? 

Let Berker Property Services be a one stop shop for all your needs in order to ensure your interests are protected at all times.

We can guide you from the beginning to the end:: 

     Our job is locating excellent properties based on your needs and finding what you are looking for by conducting an exhaustive search using all available channels;

     The negotiation stage is fundamental. Getting the best price requires comprehensive, experience-based knowledge of the market and the ability to negotiate by remaining cool and conducting a dialogue, while employing respect and professionalism;

     Legal security is key. In case of a property purchase, let us help you select one of our legal collaborators who will verify the property’s legal and planning-related circumstances, find out if it has any encumbrances (e.g. mortgage, commonhold debts, foreclosures, etc.), draw up all the necessary documents for the purchase (deposit agreement, private contract, etc.). In case of a property rental we verify that the party representing the owner is its legal representative, and draw all the necessary contract documents making sure your interests as a renter are protected. 

Home in Spain
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